Invest in NGage

Invest in Yourself and Your Community. Invest in NGage.      

Gage County businesses have chosen to become NGage members knowing that they are investing in the vitality of our county for future generations. By growing business, we build a resilient economy for every citizen in Gage County. With your expertise, vision, and investment, along with NGage, we can create a more vibrant and economically sound community and county. Business prospects view Member Investors as indicators of growth and development support in our area.

NGage Member Benefits

  • Featured business status on the NGage website.
  • Recommended to companies seeking your product/service.
  • Recognition as an involved and supportive partner for the development of Gage County.
  • “Staking Your Claim” as a leader in Gage County, Nebraska.

NGage members at the 1,000 investment level and above are considered voting members.

Download Membership Application (PDF)