NGage C4K (Communities for Kids)

tree with swing logo for nebraskachildren Communities for kids in Gage CountyNGage Communities for Kids Initiative

The Communities for Kids (C4K) initiative was created in response to community requests for assistance with shortages of high-quality early care and education programs — shortages that both impact children’s optimal development and pose a challenge for communities hoping to attract and retain the viable workforce they need to thrive. NGage is working with our community partners to solve this pressing challenge.

The C4K initiative aims to partner with communities’ public and private entities to support and coordinate planning for access to high-quality early care and education for all children birth through age five. 

From its start in 2021 to present day, C4K was spearheaded by NGage. It has grown in its mission and urgency in that time, so NGage will soon be launching a new non-profit from which the C4K initiative can continue to grow, called the Gage County Childcare Collaborative! Look for information to come on this exciting new organization and please reach out to us if you have interest in serving in some way toward the childcare efforts in Gage County.

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