Does NGage provide services for small businesses?

NGage provides one-on-one consultations to businesses at no cost. We treat each business and business owner as a unique entity. Therefore, we don’t have a “one size fits all” solution to business support but come up with a customized solution to help businesses grow. For example, if a business needs to purchase equipment to expand, we will see if a loan program or incentive can be leveraged to help them do it. If a business needs help with workforce training, NGage will bring in a workforce partner, etc. You can view a list of business resources here, but we encourage you to contact us for specific help.

Who do I contact about starting a small business in Gage County?

NGage and our partners make starting a small business in Gage County easy. We know that starting a business can feel overwhelming, so we are here to answer questions about starting a business and encourage you to call or stop by our office. This page on the NGage website provides a list of steps you need to complete when starting a business and some of the financial and support resources that are available to you. Contact NGage today so we can walk you through starting a business in Gage County and help you create a plan for growth.

Where can I find demographic information about Beatrice and Gage County?

The NGage website has updated demographic information on Beatrice and Gage County. Our community profiles tool provides basic demographics and information on educational attainment, industries, housing etc. Visit our community profiles page to view and download demographic data on Beatrice and Gage County.

What are the population figures for Gage County?

NGage estimates that our population for Gage County is around 21,616 (9,337 excluding Beatrice) with a labor pool of over 200,000. For specific population figures for Gage County, Nebraska, and our communities, visit our community profiles pages. This information is updated annually and will give you up-to-date population figures for Gage County. 

What are the population figures for the City of Beatrice?

NGage estimates that the population figures for the City of Beatrice, Nebraska, are 12,279, with a labor pool of over 200,000 people. Since Beatrice is the county seat and a hub for the surrounding rural areas, people come here to work, shop, dine and be entertained. Beatrice is a fantastic community, and you can obtain more demographic information here.

How can I find out what my property is zoned in Gage County?

NGage recommends calling the city or village in which your property is located for the most accurate zoning classification. You can also utilize the Gage County GIS Workshop to look up property information, including taxes, assessed values, and general zoning information.

What other funding or business resources are available beyond what NGage offers?

NGage has a network of experts to help you secure the business resources you may need. We have partners that offer Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, low-interest financing products, business plan development, and many other free or low-cost business resources.

How is Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage) different from other organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, etc.?

Consider NGage as an early-stage, overall strategy and partner who can offer support through incentives and other resources. Then, think of the Chamber as daily support for the business community. NGage is different from a Chamber of Commerce because we are focused on growing our economy and removing any barriers to the growth of our community, starting at the very beginning of business development. We focus on securing land for future development, addressing infrastructure needs, and advocating for business-friendly policies at the state and local levels.  We are also involved in workforce development initiatives and financial incentives so that local businesses have the financial resources to grow. The Chamber of Commerce then steps in by connecting businesses with each other and with opportunities within our community, acting as a support resource to help ensure vitality and sustainability once a business is launched. Both entities provide unique resources to the business community and work together to provide comprehensive business support to the community. 

Why does economic development matter to my business in Gage County?

NGage prioritizes our local business community. If you own a business in Gage County we want to hear from you. If you need specific workforce training or a loan to purchase equipment, The NGage team is on it and will help you achieve your goals. Simultaneously, our existing business community will be strengthened if we create more jobs and bring more families to Gage County. Economic development includes supporting local businesses and helping them solve their challenges, recruiting new businesses and investing in our community.

Why is economic development important to the average citizen?

NGage is focused on meaningful economic development, which means we work with our stakeholders and existing businesses to ensure we keep existing businesses here and recruit complementary businesses or those that can help to diversify our communities’ industries. NGage helps with this because when businesses grow here, jobs are created, and there are long-term opportunities for families to grow in Gage County. Simultaneously, economic development includes workforce training and development projects that ensure enough homes for families and industrial properties for businesses to grow. Meaningful economic development means that NGage looks at the full picture of what it will take to ensure Beatrice and Gage County have a sustainable future where families and businesses can build generational legacies. If there is a barrier to achieving that goal, we work to remove it. If a foundation needs to be laid to make that possible, like building more homes, we bring in partners to get it done.

What is Economic Development and how is NGage involved?

Economic development encompasses various strategies, programming and relationship-building designed to grow, stabilize, and create a resilient economy. Economic development cannot function solely by focusing on one thing (like business recruitment). NGage believes in a comprehensive approach that involves evaluating what the community needs at that moment, and what the community will need long-term to grow and remain resilient. We support local businesses, help entrepreneurs start businesses, and recruit new businesses. It’s why we focus on residential housing development, childcare solutions, and other workforce-enabling activities as we work to develop new industrial parks. The NGage team is focused on supporting our community in all areas.

Who is NGage?

NGage (Gage Area Growth Enterprise) is an economic development organization serving Beatrice and Gage County, Nebraska. As an economic development organization, NGage works on projects that benefit the entire community. Examples include quality of life initiatives that make Gage County the best place to live and raise a family, supporting existing small businesses, and attracting new companies to the area to create job opportunities for residents. 

What is Gage County’s Economic Development Strategy?

NGage develops a strategic plan for Gage County’s economic growth every three years. You can view the NGage Strategic Plan for Gage County here. Our current three-year plan includes maximizing opportunities for business and industry recruitment, retaining existing businesses and helping them to expand, cultivating relationships and increasing engagement with Gage County stakeholders, engaging our youth, creating childcare partnerships, and supporting the expansion of our current housing stock. Get more details on the Gage County Economic Development Strategy here.

What is the permitting process for starting a business in Gage County?

Beatrice and Gage County, Nebraska, have a relatively easy permitting process that NGage can help you navigate. We work like a business concierge to make the permitting process and all aspects of growing a business as easy as possible. 

What are your electricity rates in Gage County?

Beatrice, Nebraska, is unique because it operates outside the public power system, offering the lowest rates possible to those within city limits. Because of this setup, Beatrice has been able to offer low-cost rates that have not increased since 2015. Norris Public Power District powers the area with reliable, efficient power at competitive rates throughout the rest of the county. We encourage all businesses with high electric needs to contact NGage for an estimate of how much they would spend annually based on estimated usage volumes, as we work closely with utility partners.

What buildings do you have available for sale in Gage County?

Gage County, Nebraska, has a variety of buildings for sale ready for occupancy.  We have large buildings for sale, such as 38,000 square feet of industrial space in the Beatrice Industrial Park. Smaller office buildings, down to 1,200 square feet, are also for sale in Gage County. Whatever size of building you are looking for, there are available buildings for sale in Gage County, Nebraska. NGage can help you to locate a building that suits your needs. 

Do you have any available land for sale in Gage County?

Yes, Beatrice and Gage County have available land for sale! Advantageous properties include the Hickory Industrial Site (260 acres), Gage County Industrial Park (80 acres), Northgate Crossing (47.42 acres), and land off Highway 77. Our listings of available land for sale can be viewed online, or for the most up-to-date information, contact NGage for help finding development-ready sites in Gage County, Nebraska. 

Are grants available to help me start my business in Gage County?

NGage can assist you in finding any available grant funding as you navigate the launch of your business. We encourage you to seek out traditional financing first and form a relationship with a local banker, then utilize additional funding sources, such as Beatrice’s LB840 program, as needed. To find out how this program can help you to start or buy a business, contact NGage. Visit our incentives page to learn more.

What is Beatrice’s LB840 Program?

Beatrice’s LB840 Program is an incentive that has successfully grown the Beatrice economy by making it easier for small businesses to start or grow here. Beatrice’s LB840 Program works like this - existing businesses (or new ones) complete an application that is reviewed by the Citizens Review Advisory Committee (CARC). Once they have given the project’s green light, it goes to the Beatrice City Council for final approval. Businesses can use Beatrice’s LB840 Program for things such as real estate purchases, public works improvements, early childhood infrastructure, construction or rehabilitation of housing, direct loans or grants, and more. Many businesses have used the Beatrice LB840 Program to grow, including Envision Landscapes, Uhl’s Sporting Goods, Valentino’s, Porter Houses and Midwest Housing, and Landmark Snacks. Contact NGage to find out if your business qualifies for the LB840 Program.

What is Tax Increment Financing (TIF)?

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is an incentive for businesses growing in Gage County, Nebraska. TIF is a program utilized by the City of Beatrice that assists in financing redevelopment projects in designated areas of the city. The property taxes generated from the increased valuation of the development are captured for up to 15 years to finance the eligible public improvements, such as land acquisition, site development, professional fees, installation or construction of public infrastructure, and other expenses allowed by state statute. While not a primary funding source, it is a great incentive for private development. NGage can meet with new and existing businesses to discuss a project’s eligibility, begin the application process, and connect you to someone to assist with the next steps. 

What economic incentives are available to businesses through NGage

NGage works with companies looking to grow in Gage County, Nebraska and that includes helping to secure financial and tax incentives at the local and state level. The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) offers incentives such as customized job training, a manufacturing equipment sales tax exemption, a microenterprise tax credit, and more. In addition, NGage has access to local Gage County economic incentives to assist businesses when bank financing alone isn’t enough. Learn more about economic incentives for businesses in Gage County and how NGage can help you secure them.