Southeast Nebraska Manufacturers Wage Survey

Southeast Nebraska Manufacturers Wage Survey Main Photo

22 Jul 2021

One of our favorite roles at NGage is connecting with existing employers. Because we like lasers and really cool robots, these employers tend to be manufacturers. We do this a number of ways, including formal BRE visits. That is economic development code for Business Retention and Expansion, (we kind of have a thing for acronyms, too). These visits and surveys allow us to hear how our companies our doing, what they like and do not like about doing business in Gage County, and ways that NGage and its partners may help.

In early 2021, after only a handful of BRE’s, we confirmed what we believed to be true and what since has been proven: workforce shortages existed and were getting exponentially worse. At their request and with their input, NGage launched the Southeast Nebraska Manufactures Wage Survey. Once analyzed, the survey results produced valuable information, particularly how our local and regional manufacturers stack up in terms of wages and health benefits for their employees.

All told, sixteen area manufacturers participated in this inaugural survey. Eight of the participants are located in Beatrice and the remainder are located within a one-hour drive. A total of 225 job titles and descriptions were received and were later grouped into 15 key job categories. Each participant received a customized report to see how they compared to other participants, who remained anonymous.

A public report has also been developed so that local non-participants, site selectors, and prospective companies can better understand the wage and benefits of each individual job category in the region.

NGage continues to gather comments and suggestions from the sixteen participants with the goal of helping our manufacturers recruit and maintain a quality workforce. With an eye toward the future, we plan to expand and improve the survey next year for round two.

To see the full version of the SE Nebraska Manufacturers Wage Survey report, click here.