Diller Telephone Celebrates Being Named a “Smart Rural Community” Provider

Diller Telephone Celebrates Being Named a “Smart Rural Community” Provider Main Photo

12 Jul 2021

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Diller, NE -  Diller Telephone Company announced July 1st, 2021 that it was recently named a “Smart Rural Community” (SRC) Provider by NTCA- The Rural Broadband Association.    SRC is a national network of communities powered by innovative rural broadband providers that are building a brighter future for small-town America.   The program promotes rural broadband and its role in supporting economic development, effective education, efficient energy distribution and use, state-of-the-art health care and other important issues for rural America.

In order to receive recognition as a SRC provider, Diller Telephone Company was required to affirm that it offers at least 25/3 Mbps broadband to at least 50 % of its service area; (DTC now offers 100/100 Mbps to 100% of its service area) that it has broadband subscription rates of at least 50%; and that it is committed to program principles of collaboration and innovation.   As a result of Diller Telephone’s national recognition, Diller, Odell, Harbine and Virginia, Nebraska will now be celebrated as a Smart Rural Community in program materials and online at www.smartruralcommunity.com,  joining a national network of similarly innovative communities.

“As we recently completed our fiber optic broadband build outs in our four exchanges of Diller, Odell, Harbine and Virginia, we are honored to accept the national designation of “Smart Rural Communities” as we realize how important it is for all residents of our service areas to participate in today’s connected society” said Randy Sandman, President of Diller Telephone Company.  “Because of high-speed internet, we are pleased to say that our communities have educational and economic opportunities on par with those in the most connected urban regions of America.”

NTCA Chief Executive Officer, Shirley Bloomfield also recognized Diller Telephone for this achievement, noting, “We are excited to welcome another Smart Rural Community provider into this growing network of innovative broadband providers delivering the Internet’s fastest speeds in some of the most remote and rural communities of our country.   I applaud Diller Telephone and the communities of Diller, Odell, Harbine and Virginia for their commitment to enabling cutting-edge technologies that drive innovation and promote economic development in their region and nationwide.”

About Diller Telephone

Diller Telephone has been serving the Diller, Odell, Harbine and Virginia areas since 1899.   Our sister company Diode Communications serves much of southeast Nebraska with fixed wireless internet and most recently has begun deploying “Diode Fiber Edge” fiber optic broadband service in the communities of Holmesville, Pioneer Acres, Ellis and areas south and west of Beatrice in Gage County, Nebraska.

About NTCA

NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association is the premier association representing nearly 850  independent, community-based telecommunications companies that are leading innovation in rural and small-town America.   NTCA members are leading the technological evolution for rural consumers, delivering robust and high-quality services over future-proof networks that make rural communities vibrant places in which to live and do business.