NGage Marketing Director’s Sense of Service Will Benefit Gage County

NGage Marketing Director’s Sense of Service Will Benefit Gage County Main Photo

12 Jul 2021


Economic marketing requires intimate knowledge of the advantages and benefits a community has to offer to both new and existing businesses. As the new Marketing Director for NGage, Heidi McClintock brings an extensive awareness to the role.

“Being born and raised in Gage County, I know this is the right location for businesses to find success,” she said. “I have a love and passion for public affairs and relations and will put that to work for the area.”

McClintock began her role in May and will focus on the marketing materials and content, bookkeeping and day-to-day operations for the office.

McClintock bought her family homestead in Odell and lives there with her son, Beau, who will be attending first-grade this fall at the school she attended. The two are kept busy managing their ‘mini-zoo’ on the homestead, complete with miniature donkeys, cows, goats, chickens and cats.

“I am happy to be home working with the community I grew up in,” she said. 

Quality Experience

McClintock has been a soldier in the Nebraska Army National Guard since enlisting out of high school in 2009. She was fulltime with the Guard for seven years as a Public Affairs Specialist, completing her college degree in Communications during that time as well. She is currently learning a mechanics role in the Guard. 

McClintock served in Iraq in 2016 and 2017, involved with public affairs during Operation Inherent Resolve.

“I was responsible for exporting information from the battlefield to media outlets like CNN and National Geographic, where I was able to see all aspects of working with our partner nations,” she said. “Getting out messages from and telling the story of the Army is really important to me.”

McClintock also serves on the Board of Directors for the Lower Big Blue Natural Resources District out of Beatrice, where she is involved with the local water basins, land use and recreation.  

NGage Projects

A few projects are taking on special importance for McClintock as she begins her marketing role. The new Hickory Industrial site in Beatrice is currently 260 acres of farmland that would suit advanced manufacturing, food processing and data centers. The site is only one mile from the Beatrice Municipal Airport, with telecommunications, electric, water and natural gas infrastructure at the site. Projects that require rail access will be of particular interest due to the potential for rail development in collaboration with BNSF.

“This site is very well-suited for a “mega project” but can also support industry clusters that would benefit from the site’s amenities,” she said.

Additionally, McClintock hopes to play a leading role in the Communities for Kids initiative should NGage be awarded a grant from the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation that was requested in May. 

“We believe there is a need for more child care to assist manufacturers who can offer shift work, but whose employees have a difficult time finding child care during those work hours,” she said. 

While McClintock comes to NGage as the new Marketing Director without the specific experience of working behind the scenes helping businesses in Gage County, she does have an acute awareness of the advantages found within. 

“There are ample opportunities for businesses in Gage County and I know that the NGage Board of Directors and staff will continue to strive to make Gage County a great place now and for future generations to come,” she said.