NGage Supports Young Professionals in Gage County

NGage Supports Young Professionals in Gage County Main Photo

6 May 2024

A program coordinated by the Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce and Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage), Young Professionals Gage County (YPG) increases civic engagement among local young professionals aged 20-40. More specifically, YPG provides opportunities to empower, connect, and develop the future leaders of the Gage County area. By supporting young professionals, the program also helps establish a long-term workforce for local businesses.

NGage Helps Young Professionals and Businesses Succeed in Gage County

While the Young Professionals Program helps young professionals, it also assists local businesses. In the NGage newsletter, Executive Director, Rachel Kreikemeier states, “Now more than ever it is critical to invest in retaining employees. One way to invest in your employees is to provide opportunities for them to develop themselves both personally and professionally. It has been shown that employers who invest in their employees see a payoff in the form of reduced recruiting and training costs, an enhanced internal pipeline, better customer service, and an overall stronger company culture. ” To learn more about Young Professionals Gage County and how NGage helps create a sense of place, visit our website.