NGage Economic Development: a Celebration for Gage County, NE

NGage Economic Development: a Celebration for Gage County, NE Main Photo

3 May 2024

Economic development is truly an endeavor immersed in engaging with and cultivating relationships between an area’s stakeholders, business leaders and residents. Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage) is the economic development organization (EDO) focused on maximizing opportunities for business and industry recruitment, retention, and expansion to boost the economy of Gage County, NE.

With the International Economic Development Council Economic Development Week running from May 6 to 10, this spring is a perfect time to learn of the role NGage plays in the community and recognize the efforts and commitment of the region’s business leaders and organizations who strive to better the Gage County quality of life.

NGage is Your Specific Partner

Simply put, NGage fuels continued economic growth through support for new businesses starting and those looking to expand. NGage makes operating locally incredibly simple by:

Role of NGage as an EDO

At its core, economic development involves various activities to attract, create, and retain jobs. NGage, supported by stakeholders, is dedicated to developing partnerships between the public and private sectors through strategic marketing efforts. This collaborative effort requires coordination between new and established businesses, government entities, and local associations. The primary functions of an EDO are:

Business Retention & Expansion

An EDO supports the economic environment through efforts to attract new businesses and retain existing ones. EDOs offer advisory services, facilitate access to financial assistance like low-interest loans and tax credits, and provide workforce training opportunities to help businesses overcome challenges and leverage growth opportunities.

Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Small businesses and startups are essential catalysts for community innovation and job creation. EDOs empower aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners through various resources and support mechanisms. From providing business planning guidance and site selection assistance to facilitating access to financing, EDOs serve as a proxy incubator for local entrepreneurs.

Workforce Development

A skilled and resilient workforce is a must for businesses to thrive. Therefore, workforce development is a crucial aspect of an EDO’s mission. By fostering a solid talent pool trained at local educational institutions to thrive in local industries, EDOs ensure businesses have access to the skilled and talented employees they need to succeed without exhausting resources on grassroots training programs. 

Marketing & Promotion

Leveraging their network and strategic insights, EDOs market the community’s assets and business advantages. They highlight the area’s unique benefits, such as its quality of life, cultural attractions, and business-friendly environment, to attract potential residents, investors, entrepreneurs and businesses. EDOs raise awareness of the community’s strengths and opportunities through events, social media campaigns, and strategic partnerships.

Enhancing Quality of Life

EDOs serve as the bridge between communities and businesses in their respective areas. Ultimately, their goal is to improve their residents’ overall quality of life. Economic development is often linked with community development projects such as affordable housing initiatives, recreational facilities and downtown revitalization efforts. Through nurturing a vibrant and prosperous local economy, EDOs contribute to communities where people want to live, work, and invest.  

Invest in the Gage County Community

NGage understands that business commonities thrive through connection and networking. Perhaps the most critical endeavor is a commitment to fostering an environment where leading individuals, businesses, and organizations can combine their unique strengths and skills to drive Gage County forward. 
NGage members know they are investing in the vitality of Gage County for future generations. Members’ expertise, vision, and investment help create a more vibrant and economically sound community and county. Business prospects view Member Investors as indicators of growth and development support in our area.

Becoming a member of NGage is an excellent opportunity to get involved and comes with numerous benefits, like:

  • Featured business status on the NGage website.
  • Recommended to companies seeking your product/service.
  • Recognition as an involved and supportive partner for the development of Gage County.
  • “Staking Your Claim” as a leader in Gage County, Nebraska.
  • NGage members at the $1,000 investment level and above are voting members for the board of directors at the Annual Meeting.

To learn more about what NGage does, how they support the community, or how they can help your business, contact us today!