2020 Best to Invest

12 Jun 2020

This annual report is usually a celebratory recognition of some of the world’s best performing economies, especially those most successful at attracting investment and creating jobs. And we’ll still do that. But it’s impossible to highlight last year’s successes as populations and economies in every corner of the world are ravaged by an unprecedented crisis.

The world we celebrate on these pages no longer exists, what comes next hotly debated by talking heads on tv screens. Global foreign direct investment (FDI) has declined for the last four years. It’s collapsed this year. It will be years, perhaps decades, before global FDI returns to recent norms. We can’t know what we’ll be reporting on this time next year, and none of the forecasts are rosy, so perhaps it’s more important than ever to focus on positives, and take hope from the good that has come before.

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