What Work Does NGage Do in Gage County, Nebraska?

What Work Does NGage Do in Gage County, Nebraska? Main Photo

22 Jan 2024

Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage), a county-wide economic development group in Gage County, Nebraska, facilitates the growth of a healthy local economy. Primarily, NGage helps recruit and retain new businesses and helps existing businesses expand. In addition, NGage assists with the creation of workforce development solutions and assesses housing needs throughout the county. By creating key partnerships within the community and staying informed on Gage County’s needs, NGage creates significant opportunities for businesses and workers alike.

NGage Can Help you Expand or Relocate

No matter the industry, NGage has the resources and knowledge to help you expand your business. We can assist you with site selection, and provide key information on funds, programs, and resources available for your business. Visit our homepage to learn more about how we can assist you today.