Gage County is the Lawnmower Capital of the World

Gage County is the Lawnmower Capital of the World Main Photo

1 Apr 2024

Because of local manufacturing resources and business leaders, Gage County is world-renowned for lawnmower manufacturing. Local entrepreneur Wilfred “Dick” Tegtmeier was inducted into the Nebraska Business Hall of Fame for employing more than 600 Nebraskans and giving Beatrice the unofficial title of "Lawn Mower Capital of the World.” Moreover, the companies Tegtmeier established, Exmark and Encore (now Worldlawn Power Equipment), are still local economic powerhouses. After 40 years, these companies still supply the region with jobs and opportunities.

Gage County Has the Resources for Long-Term, High-Scale Business Success

With shovel-ready sites and several incentives available, business opportunities in Gage County are abundant. Currently, there are shovel-ready sites available in Gage County Industrial Park where Exmark is located. Businesses looking to establish long-term roots and high-scale success are likely to find it in Gage County–just as Exmark has. To read more about available sites in Gage County, click here.