Auto Industry Is Betting on Sustainability

Auto Industry Is Betting on Sustainability Main Photo

4 Oct 2021


Within the plethora of buzzwords that grew in popularity over the COVID-19 pandemic, there is one that will live on stronger throughout the foreseeable future. Beyond terms like lockdowns, mandates, bottlenecks, shortages, SPACs, and inflation, it’s the word sustainability that will have a lasting effect on companies, their employees, and their customers for the next 100 years. This term is the same one that has been nagging on the ear of executives throughout industries for decades. A small annoyance perhaps at the bottom of the barrel, but now it is, or should be, cemented on to-do lists across the globe.

A Shift in the Marketplace

For automotive OEMs the word now goes beyond a handful of production lines for hybrid and EV offerings or buying carbon offsets to make the state of California happy. As we’ve recently seen with Exxon Mobil and ESG activist investment firm Engine No. 1, if you aren’t thinking about or actually making a dent in this sustainability thing yet, then you have direct career risk.

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