NGage’s Opportunity Here Campaign Showcases Hometown Careers

NGage’s Opportunity Here Campaign Showcases Hometown Careers Main Photo

31 Aug 2021

With record-setting unemployment rates, career opportunities in Nebraska are abundant. In an effort to expose our young people to the tremendous career opportunities that exist in our hometowns, NGage has partnered with our member-investors to launch “Opportunity Here”. This multi-faceted campaign will expose our students, their families, and our teachers to what it is like to build a career with several of our primary employers.

Students will learn how these companies operate, what they do, how they can obtain on-the-job training, and in many cases which companies will provide financial support for post-secondary education. 

“Opportunity Here will expose our area students, teachers, and community members to the innerworkings of the primary employers in Gage County,” says Heidi McClintock, NGage Marketing Coordinator. “From entry level jobs to skilled workers, management to technical positions, health care to higher education, Gage County has it all.”

NGage seeks to improve the communities in Gage County by retaining and growing our local businesses, increasing and improving a skilled workforce, as well as attracting new businesses to the area.

“I also hope that parents will watch these videos, read the content, and understand the many different career paths that exist in our communities, particularly those that do not require a four-year degree,” says Trevor Lee, NGage Executive Director. “I also want our youth to know that they are valued and cared for, and that we work diligently to create and enhance opportunities for them to remain or return following their high school graduation.”

Over the next several months, NGage will be releasing multiple “Opportunity Here” videos along with companion articles. Stay in the loop on these and other economic development happenings by following us on Facebook at