NGage Secures Property Options to Support Future Business Growth

NGage Secures Property Options to Support Future Business Growth Main Photo

5 Jan 2021


This fall, Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage) secured options on 260 acres of land with access to natural gas, rail and nearby major highways, and within close proximity to electricity and water. This is a major step forward in meeting the expansion needs of current businesses, and in positioning the county to attract new ones. Gage County’s diverse mix of companies, some homegrown serving the region and others national and international planting their headquarters here, makes our county a highly attractive place for outside investment. Many of these companies have grown over the past decade, creating jobs and opportunities for other businesses to join their ranks.

Beatrice and Gage County Are a Hub for International Companies

Worldlawn Power Equipment, Hendrix Genetics, Exmark, Neapco, Duonix, Accuma Corporation, and TTC W&D are just a handful of the international companies calling Gage County home. Our region has become a destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) because of our unique assets. A location offering easy access to all U.S. markets, strong infrastructure, steady workforce and low cost of doing business are all assets that attract these companies and make it easy for them to stay here as they grow. The challenge has become finding enough room for expansion. This is why finding property became a top priority for NGage in 2020.

Room for Growth in Gage County

NGage identified and recently secured property options on land just northwest of Beatrice. These sites have been identified as being ideal for future industry growth and have much of the major infrastructure a company would need in place or nearby. By having these sites secured under option contracts, it will be easier for NGage Executive Director, Trevor Lee, to have conversations with site selectors and business executives looking to expand in the midwest. This is especially important now with so many international companies looking to establish here and U.S. companies looking to onshore a portion of their operations back to the states as a response to COVID-19 supply chain disruptions. “Now is the right time to prepare for expansion,” said Lee. “Securing options on these sites will give us a seat at the table at a state and regional level. We need sites with rail access, redundant electricity and natural gas power, and road infrastructure in place or easily attainable in order to be competitive with other communities and states. Beatrice and Gage County have much to offer and now, we will have more opportunities to tell our story.”

Local companies can benefit from these property options as well. With 260 acres available, companies with opportunities for expansion can work with NGage to determine if these new sites would be an ideal fit and if so, how many acres they would need. The site could be used for one mega-project but most likely, it would be used by several different businesses. 

There are programs and incentives available for companies looking to grow in Gage County. For more information, contact Trevor Lee, NGage Executive Director, at