Gage County is Working Together to Support Businesses

Gage County is Working Together to Support Businesses Main Photo

3 Apr 2020

NGage has a history of working closely with the City, County and local partners to support existing businesses and to make it possible for new businesses to locate in Gage County, Nebraska. This team approach has made it possible to prepare commercial sites, secure some of the nation’s lowest energy rates and further important housing and quality of life projects. 

These partnerships are more important now than ever. As a community Gage County has always stood together and will continue to do so in order to support our businesses and fellow community members. 

Here are some of the many partners in Gage County who are working to make things better. NGage works closely with them to attract businesses, create jobs and make Gage County an incredible place to live. 

Main Street Beatrice

The casual encounters you enjoy at neighborhood-scale businesses and the public spaces around them, build relationships and community cohesiveness. Plus, each dollar you spend at independent businesses, brings more than 3 times as much money back to our local economy than one dollar spent at a chain. Main Street Beatrice exists to help make these interactions possible. They do so by marketing the downtown, supporting small businesses and hosting regular events in order to bring visitors to downtown Beatrice so that they can experience all our community’s businesses have to offer. These events include the Chocolate Lovers Shopping Day and Extravaganza, the Taste of Spring, Ribfest, Farmers Market, Night of the Great Pumpkin, Governor’s Pheasant Hunt, and Magic of Main Street. 

Beatrice Chamber of Commerce & Gage County Tourism

The Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce advocates for members and collaborates with other organizations to strengthen, sustain, and grow our local culture and economy. By continuing to evaluate the area needs, The Beatrice Area Chamber of Commerce is a partner in creatively finding ways to improve the business climate in Beatrice and Gage County.  They also serve an important role in the community by providing information and services to members and nonmembers, including access to training and informational sessions. Some of their signature events include the Annual Golf Outing, Glow on the Greens Night Golf, Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet, Homestead Days, Awards Luncheon, Ag Expo and Ag BBQ. 

City of Beatrice

City officials and staff work closely with the NGage staff to support business expansion, retention and business attraction. They serve as an important partner by helping to make the permitting process easy, working with us on infrastructure and quality of life projects and being there to support businesses who are investing in our community. 

Gage County

Gage County actively partners with NGage to promote economic development throughout the county. By supporting business expansion and retention activities, continuing to improve infrastructure and focusing on transparency in government - they make it easy for companies to do business here. Their pro-business attitude is one of the reasons we are an attractive destination for foriegn companies looking to establish a U.S. location. 

We’re NGage 

Gage Area Growth Enterprises (NGage) is the economic development agency for the City of Beatrice and Gage County, Nebraska. We actively work to support existing businesses and to attract new business and investment into our region. 

The partners listed here, along with our board, local property owners, businesses and community volunteers all work together to continually strengthen Gage County. We are all in this together!