NGage Works with the City of Beatrice on Downtown Projects

NGage Works with the City of Beatrice on Downtown Projects Main Photo

3 Jun 2024

To ensure the best quality of life possible, Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage) collaborates with the city of Beatrice on downtown projects. Officially on the National Register of Historic Places, Beatrice’s Main Street District is home to 170 businesses. With picturesque storefronts ranging from retail to antiques, to service providers, to restaurants and bars, downtown Beatrice has several amenities for residents to enjoy. NGage has been a steadfast partner in creating downtown success and has more initiatives in the works to continue this partnership.

NGage and Beatrice are Dedicated to Downtown Revitalization

Beatrice is dedicated to further improving the downtown scene. Recently, downtown Beatrice was designated as a creative district. To improve the walkability of the area and reduce traffic, city officials are considering rerouting Hwy 77 and Hwy 136 out of downtown. By doing so, the city could increase the overall aesthetics of the area as a creative district. To learn more about how NGage and Beatrice collaborate, click here.