NGage Secures $300,000 EDA Tourism Grant

NGage Secures $300,000 EDA Tourism Grant Main Photo

22 Apr 2024

 In 2023, Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage) secured a $300,000 Tourism Grant from the Economic Development Association (EDA). Through this grant, NGage will be able to strengthen the existing community resources and build upon them. With lively downtown events in Beatrice and excellent outdoor recreation throughout the county, NGage will continue to help develop these community staples for growth.

NGage Secures EDA Tourism Grant for Community Advancement

As a result of the tourism grant, NGage will be able to leverage Gage County’s location for economic impact. Beatrice is located 35 minutes south of Nebraska’s capital, Lincoln, and offers tourists a charming combination of rural and urban culture. With downtown Beatrice’s official designation as a creative district, NGage can help recruit and retain more unique businesses in the revitalized area. Learn more about how NGage uses funding like the tourism grant to develop community resources!