Why Two Medical Professionals Chose Beatrice

Why Two Medical Professionals Chose Beatrice Main Photo

1 Jun 2023


Beatrice is home to a thriving community of young professionals, including two medical professionals, Steve and Anni Paulmeyer. Steven Paulmeyer, MD, is a physician at Beatrice Internal Medicine and Anne Paulmeyer, PA-C, works at Gage County Medical Clinic. Anni grew up in Beatrice, but Steve moved here from Chicago and Omaha. They could have launched their careers anywhere but chose to live in Beatrice for its high quality of life. We wanted to learn more about their experiences living and working here and why they chose to make Beatrice home.

NGage: Where did you go for your education?

Anni: I attended Nebraska Wesleyan University and then University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) for PA school. Steve went to University of Nebraska-Lincoln and then to UNMC, where we met.

NGage: What made you decide to launch your career in Beatrice and make it your home as adults?

Steve: It was an opportunity to pursue fulfilling careers while maintaining a strong emphasis on family first. I also feel that the relationships developed as a provider in a smaller community are stronger than anywhere else. I am privileged to be able to take care of so many close friends and be trusted with their health. It brings a completely different level of fulfillment to work each day.

Anni: We had looked into other small communities and staying in Omaha, but it really boiled down to work-life balance in addition to the overall vision of the hospital.

NGage: Has there been any advantage to growing your career here?

Steve: Being in a smaller community hospital has afforded me the opportunity to be more involved from an administrative standpoint as we attempt to modify care delivery in a dynamic health care environment. Simply being welcomed to the table to participate in discussions with more experienced peers has provided an opportunity I likely would not have had from a larger healthcare system. We are lucky to have progressive and forward-thinking leadership at Beatrice Community Hospital and, in our current healthcare environment, it is exciting to share in that process.

Anni: Being at BCH has allowed me to have the perfect work-life balance. With three young boys, I love being able to work part-time, still getting the fulfillment of my career but also being able to spend more time with them at home. I have flexibility and reasonable control over my schedule which is priceless.

NGage: What, if any, community support have you received?

Anni: We've had overwhelming support coming here both professionally and socially. We've been really impressed by the appreciation community members have shown when they learn we have chosen to work and live in Beatrice. We've put effort into making this our home, such as when we collaborated with our neighbors to have a 4th of July barbecue and parade for the neighborhood. We had a blast and all the neighbors were very appreciative of the event. Doing small things like this really helps build the sense of community and encourage others to engage as well.

NGage: Do you plan on raising your own children in Beatrice? If so, why?

Anni: We have three boys (ages 3, 19 months and 5 weeks) that are as active in the community as we are. You will see them attending high school events, community activities such as the Homestead Parade, church and at the YMCA. While living in Omaha, activities like this existed but we often missed as they did not carry the same sense of community. We hope being involved as children, they will continue this as young adults and adults.  We feel lucky that we have a strong community to help us raise our children. With the birth of our youngest son, we had multiple visitors bringing meals to the home, while others offered help with the big brothers. I look forward to watching them grow up here and continue being active in the community.

NGage: Why should other young professionals come here to work or start a business?

Steve: I believe that the community is at a tipping point with an influx of young professionals passionate about the success of this community. Senior leadership of years past has established an excellent foundation and I think there is growing momentum of young families interested in being involved in this community anyway they can. We have enjoyed the many relationships we have developed in our one year here with like-minded, down to earth couples raising families and I look forward to watching this community continue to grow.

NGage appreciates the opportunity to speak with young professionals like Anni and Steve about their experiences. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the many opportunities in Beatrice should contact NGage at 402.228.5869, or visit the website at www.ngagegroup.org.