Strengthening Gage County’s Workforce

Strengthening Gage County’s Workforce Main Photo

7 Apr 2023


There are four main factors of economic growth: land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. Economic development implements a series of progressive ideas and changes to help ensure economic growth happens. The benefits of economic growth stabilize a community, foster identity, help strengthen generational roots, and secure a sense of hometown pride. NGage is putting two of the four factors at the forefront by collaborating with Beatrice Public Schools for an upcoming job and career fair for high school students on April 28, 2023. 

Labor and Entrepreneurship

Labor and entrepreneurship are the backbone of our local and national economies.  Gage County has over two thousand residents employed in the retail trade industry alone- an industry heavily grounded in labor and entrepreneurship. A future-ready workforce is essential to ensure labor legacies and entrepreneurial innovations continue. Our local students are the workforce of tomorrow. 

Summer and afterschool jobs foster a sense of preparedness and responsibility. In many cases, these jobs also spark innovation creating future entrepreneurs at young ages. To get the ball rolling, NGage surveyed local businesses to gauge interest in hiring high school interns and offering job shadowing opportunities. Of the numerous companies contacted:

  • 77% said yes to having a high school intern
  • 100% said yes to a paid internship
  • 77% said yes to hiring a highschooler during the summer
  • 100% said yes to a paid summer job
  • 77% showed interest in a high school and eighth-grade job/career fair
  • 53% said yes to hiring a high schooler during the school year
  • 100% said yes to a paid job during the high school year
  • 50% said both to offering an unpaid job shadow or apprenticeship

These numbers confirm that Gage County businesses understand the importance of a future-ready workforce and that students are future staff, leaders, stakeholders, business partners, and business owners. 

Job Fair Career Expo

Beatrice High School is the host location of the Job Fair/Career Expo on April 28, 2023. This event provides a great opportunity to help fill part-time, full-time, and seasonal positions. At the same time, students will explore different career pathways while helping efforts to grow and retain Gage County’s future workforce. 

It’s imperative for students to know career options are plentiful and that the road to success differs by person. The more options and information students realize they have, the better direction students will make for their future. 

Certain industries will always show promise from generation to generation:

  • Manufacturing
  • Skilled Technical Services
  • Healthcare
  • Business Marketing
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Banking and Finance
  • Retail

While these industries are indeed staples, NGage would like a variety of industries present to show students that other industries can be part of their expanding futures. Your support for their future speaks volumes about your care for their future.

Planting a seed of information can grow into a tree of success. Businesses interested in being part of this event should contact NGage at