Opportunity Drives NEAPCO Forward

Opportunity Drives NEAPCO Forward Main Photo

11 Jan 2022


Job seekers across all disciplines consider the long-term viability of employers they consider working for. Regardless of industry or role, those wishing to begin or continue their career want to know they can sign on with a company that will offer security. In Beatrice, NEAPCO’s track record provides that significant advantage.

“We have been in business for 100 years,” said NEAPCO Beatrice plant manager Chief Davidson. “I think we can check off the box for job security.”

Well-paying employment opportunities with growth potential await jobseekers today at NEAPCO. NGage’s educational video series Opportunity Here offers an insight into the nature of those opportunities.

Employment Stability

The New England Auto Parts Company (NEAPCO) was founded in 1921 in the New England area. That timing is similar to Henry Ford beginning the Ford Motor Company. Now, as it was then, NEAPCO’s operation is tied closely to the automobile and small vehicle industry. With over 3,200 employees, NEAPCO is a global company, with locations in the U.S., Mexico, Germany, Poland and China. The Beatrice facility is NEAPCO’s primary driveline manufacturer, producing prop shafts, half shafts and various components for automobiles as a Tier 1 Supplier to companies like Ford, GM, Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen and BMW. The Beatrice facility is NEAPCO’s only plant to split its production between OEM and after-market parts. That ability allows the Beatrice facility to focus on other markets beyond automobiles, such as light truck, heavy truck, off-road, off-highway and agriculture. Industrial applications, including shafts for wind turbines and solar energy, are rapidly becoming a priority as well. 

Opportunities Available Now

NEAPCO’s long-term presence in Beatrice has resulted in a broad range of available employment opportunities, from manufacturing line positions to engineering and other support roles. NGage’s educational video series Opportunity Here outlines those careers. NEAPCO recruits for technical positions like design and manufacturing engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and several area community colleges. As a self-supported manufacturing facility, it routinely needs to fill positions in accounting, human resources, planning, quality and more.

Amazing growth opportunities exist at NEAPCO today for those Individuals seeking to start on the shop floor. Positions available now for roles like CNC machinists give individuals without a college education the opportunity to learn NEAPCO’s business and then advance, either at the Beatrice facility or to its other global locations, all based on the employee’s goals. 

This growth development is a priority to NEAPCO, evident through its On-The-Job Training and Tuition Reimbursement Program. 

“I recommend to parents and students to stop in and see what manufacturing has become in recent years,” said Davidson. “Individuals do not need a four-year college degree to begin a successful career in manufacturing.” 

Future opportunities

NEAPCO’s plans for growth as a company fit their employees’ desire for personal growth. Based on its past hundred years of experience, NEAPCO is now focused on the next 100. The company is focused on emerging markets such as electrical vehicle transport or the impact of solar energy. While the company is geared up to continue to grow, NEAPCO recognizes it needs to make sure its workforce has the skills to help meet those challenges, said Davidson.

“We are always changing, trying to bring in new products and really drive our skills upward, from the last person hired to the longest person hired,” he said.

Learn more about employment opportunities at NEAPCO with NGage’s educational video series Opportunity Here.