Honoring and Supporting Our Veterans

Honoring and Supporting Our Veterans Main Photo

1 Nov 2021


America is the greatest country in the world because our Constitution recognizes God-given human rights and protects individual liberties.  Our Republic has endured for nearly two-and-a-half centuries due to the blood, sweat, and sacrifice of our military veterans.  Veterans Day is an opportunity for Nebraskans to thank the veterans who’ve heeded the call of duty to protect our way of life.  There are around 127,000 veterans living in Nebraska.  They’ve served America in every corner of the globe. 

Our goal is to make Nebraska the best state in America for our veterans and military families.  Just this year, we’ve made major strides toward this goal.  On May 25th, I signed Legislative Bill (LB) 387 into law.  It exempts 100% of military retirement benefits from state income taxation.  This bill is a big deal for our workforce.  Veterans can retire as early as age 38.  At this age, they’re looking to contribute the skills they’ve gained in a second career or through volunteer work.  We want to create a tax-friendly environment so these veterans choose Nebraska as their home. 

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