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Nebraska Department of Economic Development

December 31, 1969

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The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) is the official lead economic development agency for Nebraska. Created by the Legislature in 1967, DED’s emphasis is growing and diversifying the state’s “economic base,” bringing new dollars into the state.


The Nebraska Department of Economic Development Mission is: To provide quality leadership and services that enable Nebraska communities, businesses, and people to succeed in a global economy. We are here, equipped and ready, to assist you and your community in developing and capitalizing on economic development opportunities.


The Department’s four operating divisions:


Business Development Division : Provides assistance to communities with business and economic development programs, offers direct assistance to businesses, and represents statewide interests in retaining, expanding and recruiting businesses to the state.


Community and Rural Development Division : Provides technical and financial services through community-targeted programs and regional service delivery.


Travel and Tourism Division : Visit Nebraska! Travel and tourism is big business, and one of the most steadily expanding industries in the national and world economy.


Division of Administration and Operations : Provides support to the other three operating divisions, which offers cost-effective and efficient administrative, fiscal, human resources, marketing, and public information services.