Early Childhood Community Coordinator Opportunity

Early Childhood Community Coordinator

Location: Gage County-Beatrice. Will be officed out of Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage)

Hours: Hours and times will vary but will average 30 hours a week depending on workload. Workday hours will not be the typical 9-5 as some work will need to be done outside of those hours.

Salary: $20/Hour (rate based on experience) Vehicle Stipend & Cell Phone Stipend

Contractual Status: Contract Employee: Contract period April 1, 2023–December 31, 2023

Purpose: To build quality and capacity related to early child care and education by coordinating local early childhood birth through five (B-5) community-based efforts. Position will be instrumental in coordinating continuous efforts towards developing infrastructure for and access to Preschool Development Grant (PDG)/C4K+ opportunities for local community, specifically the Quality & Capacity Grant, Early Learning Scholarships, ReadyRosie, and if eligible the Spanish Speaking/Bilingual Child Care Support Initiative.  If applicable, this position will align with all Nebraska Children early childhood initiatives and co-create work plans, priorities and fund requests to support those combined efforts.

Job Functions:

To build upon, develop, support, expand, enhance, and coordinate initiatives, programs, and activities.  To support the coordination of resources and activities to strengthen access for families; and foster understanding, appreciation, and knowledge around the importance of quality early childhood experiences and development.

  • Maximize efforts to build quality and capacity of early childhood systems through: leveraging community mobilization, stakeholder engagement, planning, information gathering and management, assessments, community reporting, and implementation of activities designed to strengthen these systems and support families, providers, and communities.
  • Assist in establishing clear pathways for access to early care for families and providers.
  • Create comprehensive connections and knowledge of resources/initiatives throughout the community.
  • Improve family access to other formal and informal supports and opportunities within communities.
  • Build upon current early childhood community efforts.
  • Engage community stakeholders in this process.

Responsibilities May Include:

  • Connecting and supporting providers and communities to specific opportunities including the PDG/C4K+ Quality & Capacity Grant, Early Learning Scholarships, Ready Rosie, and if eligible the Spanish Speaking/Bilingual Child Care Support Initiative. 
  • Management, documentation, evaluation, and reporting related to the PDG/C4K+ Quality & Capacity Grant, Early Learning Scholarships, Ready Rosie, and if eligible the Spanish Speaking/Bilingual Child Care Support Initiative. 
  • When applicable, align all early childhood work with current Nebraska Children initiatives including, co-creation of work plans, priorities and fund requests. Working with Nebraska Children initiatives to not duplicate, but enhance, all early care and education efforts.
  • Maintaining a working knowledge of current early childhood and other resources available to children and families.
  • Researching gaps or barriers to provision of services/supports for children and families.
  • Working with community stakeholders in the development and implementation of community work plans and/or connecting plans that may exist for different initiatives.
  • Coordinating and facilitating community meetings with various working groups.
  • Serving as liaison between various community partners.
  • Developing and managing budgets.
  • Reporting associated with C4K, PDG/C4K+ work, including grant reports, up to date community action progress report, community meeting materials, financial reports, and reports related to any other commitments undertaken by the C4K Core Team.
  • Developing and distributing marketing and educational materials related to early childhood.  Maintain resource directory that will connect children, families, and communities to opportunities and services related to early childhood.
  • Grant writing and event planning.
  • Serve as early childhood contact, advocate, champion, and coordinator.
  • Participation in various early childhood opportunities such as Collective Impact training, Thriving Children, Families, and Communities conference, and Nebraska Young Child Institute conference.
  • General coordination
    • Manage the daily/weekly/monthly agenda and arrange new meetings and appointments.
    • Manage meeting minutes and periodic reporting.
    • Prepare and disseminate correspondence, memos, and forms.
    • Support and facilitate the completion of regular reports.
    • Make travel arrangements.
    • Document expenses, submit reports.

Other duties as assigned.


  • Associate degree required or minimum 3 years of related work experience. Experience working with children or in a childcare setting a plus.
  • Related experience and skills may be considered.
  • Detail oriented and organized.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Knowledge of community initiatives and resources.
  • Comfortable with public speaking.
  • Able to work independently.
  • Ability to adapt to changing community capacity and need.
  • Ability/develop ability to interface with various platforms related to early childhood data collection systems.

Key Relationships

  • If locally established:
  • Rooted in Relationships Coordinator or Stakeholder group.
  • Community Well-Being Coordinator
  • Any local Nebraska Children Initiative Coordinator or Stakeholder group
  • Any existing local early childhood coordinator or community workgroup
  • Any local collaborative working within early childhood.
  • Other locally identified partners.


Will report to Executive Director of NGage and will work closely with Beatrice Public Schools Sixpence Program.

If interested, please submit your resume and cover letter to rachelk@ngagegroup.org