Beatrice, Nebraska Will Have the Same Low Power Rates Through 2030

21 Jun 2019

Businesses who are in need of low-cost power should look to Beatrice, Nebraska as an ideal location. Having already provided some of the lowest power rates in the entire country, Beatrice has now entered into contracts with energy providers to guarantee low-cost energy rates through 2030. This represents a cost savings that is attractive to manufacturers, data centers, and other commercial and industrial businesses.

Tobias J. Tempelmeyer, the City Administrator and General Manager for the City of Beatrice and Beatrice Board of Public Works has secured energy contracts that ensure businesses in Beatrice will have a fixed energy cost without a rate increase. Taking the guesswork out of budgeting energy expenses, something that any business would appreciate.

“We haven’t raised rates since 2015 and they are now locked in until 2030. In fact, there is a chance that we may even lower rates in the future. For large companies looking to increase profitability, Beatrice is in a prime position to provide low-cost energy that is reliable and a known commodity that they can bank on for a number of years. Our energy contracts make it possible for businesses moving to Beatrice to get a good price for the next decade,” said Tempelmeyer.

The transition to a long-term energy contract was made possible by changes in the energy market that allowed the City to negotiate with new suppliers. Beatrice is now receiving energy from multiple sources with rates that are aligned with the City’s goal of providing low-cost energy to support business growth.

Current businesses, and those relocating to Beatrice, will both benefit from the long-term energy contracts. “Businesses are able to anticipate what their energy expenses will be until 2030. For manufacturing companies, this is often one of their largest operating expenses. Being able to forecast that line item will allow a long-term look at pricing structures, giving them a competitive advantage,” said Walker Zulkoski, Executive Director of Gage Area Growth Enterprises.

Low energy rates are one of the reasons businesses of all size have chosen to locate in Beatrice. As a hub for national and international businesses with easy road and rail access combined with a readily available skilled workforce, Beatrice is a destination of choice for a variety of manufacturing companies. “We are large enough to have professional planners on staff but small enough to know that every business matters. We will work with anybody to find a way for their business to work in Beatrice – no matter how big or how small. We are ideally sized and the best of both worlds,” said Tempelmeyer.

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