Matt Morrissey Advanced His Career in Beatrice and Has Become an Important Part of the Community

Matt Morrissey Advanced His Career in Beatrice and Has Become an Important Part of the Community Main Photo

10 Apr 2019

Matt Morrissey and his wife Wendy moved their family to Beatrice when he was promoted to become Black Hills Energy’s supervisor of gas operations for the Beatrice area, which covers towns west to Fairbury, and east to Auburn. Matt started working for Black Hills Energy in 2014 as an Operations Technician in the Lincoln area. His promotion to Supervisor three years later represented an incredible career opportunity.

The ability to advance Matt’s career in Beatrice was attractive to the Morrissey’s but not the only factor when making the decision to move. As parents of three school-aged children, they also considered what the quality of life would be for their family.  With a good school system, plenty of local amenities and activities, Beatrice stood out as a great place to raise their family. After living here for two years, they are incredibly pleased with the decision to relocate. “The kids love their school, made new friends quickly, and we have adapted well to life in a smaller town. Our kids enjoy the pool, splash pad and going to the library.  My wife enjoys running and joined the local running club, as well as the YMCA. Beatrice has a nice trail system for bicycling, walking and running. I love to golf, and Beatrice offers two great courses, with many more activities only a short travel distance away in Lincoln,” said Matt. These community amenities have helped the Morrissey’s to settle in and make Beatrice home.

Working in Beatrice has had a positive effect on Matt’s career as well. He said, “The experience I’ve gained while working for Black Hills Energy in the Beatrice community have strengthened my skills to help take the next step in my career.”  When asked what he enjoys about working for the company in Beatrice, Matt said, “My position allows me to network with community members, which is a great way to promote the company and learn how we can better serve our customers. In larger communities, sometimes the job focus can become narrow-minded and task specific.  In the smaller communities such as Beatrice, our employees have a broader scope of work, over larger territories. This exposure gives a better understanding of more facets within the company, while engaging with the communities and city officials.”

He has taken advantage of the opportunity to engage with the community. Since settling into his supervisor position, Matt has become involved in Beatrice and Gage County, serving on the board of NGage for the past two years. He also participated in Leadership Beatrice, offered by the Beatrice Chamber of Commerce, stating, “This allowed me to network with community members and develop a greater appreciation of everything Beatrice has to offer.” In addition, Matt is involved with the Beatrice Rotary chapter and has helped with landscape improvement projects throughout the community. This involvement has helped the Morrissey’s to develop deeper connections to the community and establish relationships in their new home.

The Morrissey’s are an active family who have chosen to put down roots and grow their careers in Beatrice. While Matt has become deeply involved in the Beatrice community and advanced his career by relocating, Wendy has been able to maintain her position with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, demonstrating that the community’s proximity to Lincoln makes it possible for working professionals to have multiple options in how they grow their career.

Join Matt and Wendy Morrissey in Discovering Gage County

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