Cheap Power, a Central Location and Skilled Workforce - Gage County Continues to Grow

6 Mar 2019

Gage County is a forward-thinking community, home to many national and international businesses. Due to the county’s central location and robust infrastructure, businesses are finding that they can easily move raw materials and finished products throughout the United States and into Canada. When combined with a skilled workforce and some of the cheapest power in the country, Gage County’s assets have made it prime for growth.

Central location

Gage CountyBeatrice is the county seat of Gage County and is located in southeast Nebraska at the intersection of State Highway 4, U.S. Highway 77, and U.S. Highway 136. Beatrice is:

  • 40 minutes south of Lincoln, Nebraska
  • 80 minutes southwest of Omaha, Nebraska
  • 150 minutes north of Kansas City

From Beatrice, companies can move raw materials and finished products throughout the country and into Canada, reaching most of the population within one or two days by road or rail.

Cheap power

Beatrice and Gage County have some of the cheapest power rates in the entire country. This makes it an ideal location for data centers, call centers, technology and manufacturing companies who use significant amounts of power. Companies can save thousands of dollars a month by simply moving to Beatrice. Contact NGage for specific information and power requests.

Home to national and international businesses

From small startups to global companies like Worldlawn Power Equipment and Hendrix Genetics, Beatrice has become home to companies of all sizes. Gage County has become a hub for international companies seeking a central and affordable location within the United States. Many have chosen Beatrice for its affordable real estate costs and skilled workforce, in addition to the convenient location.

Skilled workforce

Gage County is known for having a skilled workforce and and a diverse cluster of manufacturing companies. Workforce pulls from the surrounding counties as well, making it even easier to hire the right workers for the job. Companies who require employees to be trained on specific pieces of equipment or the latest technology, can work with NGage and Southeast Community College to implement workforce training programs to get them up to speed quickly.

Gage County has a high quality of life

Families are moving to Gage County for the high quality of life and available opportunities. In Beatrice, the cost of living is 83.3 percent of the national average, with low housing prices contributing to the significant savings. By moving to the county, young professionals can afford to purchase a home, families can buy the size of home they really need, and retirees can live comfortably. With such a low cost of living, residents have a higher disposable income and are able to enjoy the good things in life like having dinner with friends and taking family vacations.

That’s only one benefit of life in Gage County. Beatrice has an excellent school system, many parks, outdoor recreation, local fairs and festivals and plenty of activities to do on the weekend.

Businesses and families are invited to explore Gage County

Gage County is forward-thinking, friendly, home to people with a strong work ethic and full of opportunity. To learn more about the many benefits of starting a business in Gage County, or moving here with you family, call 402.228.5869.