Manufacturing and Warehouse Space is Available in Gage County

14 Dec 2018

As NGage continues working with international corporations and promote Beatrice as a prime business location, it is important to highlight the many real estate assets that make this area ripe for growth. Gage County has manufacturing and warehouse space available currently, with additional land ready for development. Our available land is one of our greatest assets and something that has contributed to the significant growth of our manufacturing and light industrial sectors. In particular, foreign companies have found that where land can be difficult to come by and expensive in their home country, it is abundant and affordable in Gage County. When combined with our skilled workforce, this has made Beatrice incredibly attractive to companies like Neapco, Hendrix Genetics, Exmark Manufacturing, Worldlawn Power Equipment and several others.

The Beatrice Industrial Park Has Been a Huge Success

The philosophy “if you build it, they will come” has proven to be true in Beatrice and Gage County. The entire Beatrice Industrial Park started when Neapco purchased a spec building in the 1980’s - now Neapco utilizes a 300,000-square-foot building. The Industrial Park has grown around them as additional companies have made Beatrice their home. With the Park now full, efforts have been spent to create additional commercial space through the construction of spec buildings.

Spec Buildings are Available in Beatrice

Available property in Gage CountyOne such building is going up next for a Korean import company. Looking to attract additional corporations to Beatrice, the landlord of the Korean company chose to build another 24,000-square-foot space. This is just one example of how the community of Beatrice is forward-thinking and taking steps to prepare for additional growth.

For more information on international companies located in Gage County, click here

Inside an available property in Gage CountyInside an available property in Gage County

Other available commercial properties include:

  1. Gage County Industrial Park

    • This industrial park has 65-acres of shovel-ready dirt, a prime location, and easy access to transportation.

  2. 2406 Centennial Drive

    • With 64,000-square-feet of available space, this building is ready for occupancy. There is an additional 24,000-square-feet available.

  3. 2415 Ashland Ave

    • This 80,000-square-foot building is ready for occupancy with room for expansion. There is another 35,000-square-feet available for interested businesses.

Each of these properties is ideally suited for warehousing and manufacturing companies. The city also owns shovel-ready land where developers can build.

Financial Incentives are Available

Qualified companies can benefit from local and state financial incentives when locating in Beatrice and Gage County. These include:

  • LB840 (Local Option Sales Tax program)
  • TIF (Tax Increment Financing)
  • Nebraska Advantage (State Tax Incentive)
  • CDBG (Community Development Block Grant)

NGage works closely with a variety of partners to identify programs that can help businesses to grow and succeed. Depending on the needs of a company, there might be other incentive programs available to use in combination with the ones listed above. Interested businesses can work with NGage to receive a customized proposal that includes all available incentives for a particular project.

Reasons to Move a Business to Gage County

Beatrice and Gage County has a large industrial base, is close to major metropolitan areas, pulls from several counties to create a strong and large workforce, has low utility rates, and its cost of doing business that is lower than major metropolitan areas. This has positioned Beatrice for continuous growth, while making it possible for foreign and domestic corporations to thrive here.

“Gage County is has a diversified and welcoming business community.  Companies looking to establish a location in the United States should feel comfortable knowing that they'll be surrounded by other international companies,” said Walker Zulkoski, Executive Director of Gage Area Growth Enterprise.

Explore Available Properties in Gage County

We invite business owners, executives, and site selectors to come explore all Gage County has to offer. For more information on available properties or incentives, contact Walker Zulkoski by emailing