Local restaurant features new outdoor patio dining

8 Oct 2018

The Black Crow opened their new Crow’s Garden on Tuesday to the public.

The Beatrice restaurant also hosted a Main Street Meet and Mingle on Tuesday, where there was a ribbon cutting ceremony to announce the opening of their new outside dining area.

Owner Kate Ratigan said she is looking forward to utilizing the space and believes there is a lot of enthusiasm around having a space like this in Beatrice.

“There’s not many places like this, even in Lincoln, to eat outside like this,” she said.

The lot located at 407 Court St. was sold to Ratigan and her husband on Nov. 1 of last year. Ratigan said that there was still a need to fix up the building on the other side of the lot. The weather also needed to warm up before they could start construction.

“This other building here, it needed some repairs." Ratigan said.

Ratigan said that they started their work in the middle of May. The lot was only a few slabs of concrete and some mud. They had help from multiple people to get where they are today.

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