Preparing for the future: How one Beatrice HS grad spent his summer

Preparing for the future: How one Beatrice HS grad spent his summer Main Photo

11 Sep 2018

Graham Southwick is a recent Beatrice High School graduate who spent his summer interning for NGage. As an intern, he conducted research, connected with local businesses, and gained key skills that will help him in his future career. When asked about his experience, Graham said, “I would recommend this internship because it was a great experience. Walker and Erin are awesome.”

What made this such a positive experience for Graham?

Ultimately, it was the ability to throw himself into a project, take the lead on something, and research a topic that he found interesting. As a freshman at Nebraska Wesleyan University, he is planning on majoring in business and interested in financial advising. When Walker suggested researching an industry in Beatrice, he jumped at the chance to learn more about financial advising, and the resources available to local advisors.

Graham’s research expanded his horizons.

His research initially focused on demographics, statistics, identifying market opportunity, and the resources available to advisors in Beatrice. Then, as part of his research project, Graham had the opportunity to interview several Beatrice financial advisors. The personal insight they shared with him expanded his horizons and understanding of what it means to be a financial advisor in a close-knit community.

“I discovered that there are benefits of being a financial advisor in a community where people know and trust you. Having an existing relationship makes it easier for people to entrust their financial advisor with their savings, retirement, kids college fund, etc. Simultaneously, the financial advisors I spoke with enjoy being involved in the community and seeing their clients on a regular basis.”

At the end of the summer, Graham submitted his findings in a research paper. This information was useful to Graham as a future professional, but also to NGage and our community.

Creating future interest

For NGage, and Beatrice, it is important to create interest in the minds of young people who are graduating high school and considering their next step in life. Graham now realizes the extent of the opportunities available here for his future profession; something we hope others will also realize. “I have always enjoyed living in Beatrice and would like to work here. If the opportunity is available for me to do so after college, I would like that.”

Internship opportunities will be available next year as well.

NGage interns have the opportunity to learn office skills, connect with local businesses, conduct research, and learn more about our area. As Graham said, “It was cool getting to experience an office situation, getting experience with some business and economic growth as I helped with open houses for new businesses and other projects.  I made connections that could help me down the road with my career.”