Kinney Manufacturing, LLC acquires Precise Fabrication

27 Jul 2018

Beatrice, Nebraska - Kinney Manufacturing, LLC acquires Precise Fabrication

Precise Fabrication, a locally-owned custom fabrication company, is being acquired by Lincoln-based Kinney Manufacturing, LLC which also owns IntoMetal in Lincoln, NE. The two companies have several similarities yet enough differences for the combination of the two to create an operation that will continue to prosper for years to come.

"Over the last 6 1/2 years of ownership of IntoMetal, we have been able to grow this business with a very solid customer base,” says Randy Kinney, owner of IntoMetal.  “We were able to grow existing customers and bring in new accounts.  Plans for Precise would be to do the same thing.  Both companies have seen strong growth and potential for additional growth over the last few years.  We have made investments in equipment and real estate of $5M and $3M in the last few years to support this growth and deliver production efficiencies expected by our customers."

“Expanding in Beatrice was a logical move for our company with Gage County and the City of Beatrice on board to support us. This support will ensure that we can share knowledge between Precise Fabrication and IntoMetal to continue to grow the company with additional equipment and people, while making a positive impact on the community through these investments” noted Kinney.

The current facility at Precise Fabrication is 41,250 sq ft, with the ability to add space to the north and east ends of the building.  Kinney Manufacturing is already working with new customers to bring new equipment and processes to Precise Fab.  Some of this growth, would require expanding the building and hiring additional personnel.   

“We are excited for the new direction of Precise Fabrication,” said LeRoy Janzen, current owner of Precise. “Not only will this acquisition better serve our customers by enhancing the services we’re able to offer them, it will also retain existing jobs while adding new positions and the increased revenues made will go back into the tax rolls to further grow our community.”

“Retention of the 22 dedicated Precise Fabrication employees was a priority” said Walker Zulkoski, NGage Executive Director.  “IntoMetal’s solid reputation in their market and future growth plans make this transition a win-win-win for both companies and Gage County”.