Nebraska Farm Bureau endorses Ricketts' tax plan

23 Apr 2018

LINCOLN — The Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation has thrown its support behind Gov. Pete Ricketts’ property and income tax plan.

The group’s endorsement of Legislative Bill 947 gives a major boost to the plan’s chances in the Nebraska Legislature. 

But Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson said Saturday that the group will continue to pursue a petition drive aimed at providing Nebraska property owners with $1.1 billion worth of tax savings.

“We have an opportunity in the Legislature to provide meaningful property tax relief, but if the Legislature is not able to pass it, the only option is the petition,” he said.

State Sen. Jim Smith of Papillion, who introduced the bill and chairs the Revenue Committee, welcomed the group’s support.

“I’m happy they are part of the coalition,” he said. “They are important to our success.”

As advanced, LB 947 would provide homeowners and agricultural landowners with new, refundable income tax credits to offset some of their property taxes.

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