Advancements in Bio-Diesel are Taking Place in Beatrice

Advancements in Bio-Diesel are Taking Place in Beatrice Main Photo

14 Apr 2017

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The Duonix Beatrice biodiesel plant is operational and leveraging the latest technology. Using Benefuel’s ENSEL technology to convert corn oil and recycled cooking oil, among other feedstocks into the creation of the highest-quality biodiesel. This cutting-edge process is a perfect example of how innovation, technology and vision come together to create new ways to power our homes, businesses and vehicles. The Duonix plant is the first time the ENSEL technology has been used on a commercial-scale, creating a blueprint for what can be done elsewhere in the country and around the world.

Why Beatrice?

The location of the Duonix plant in Beatrice, Nebraska is strategic. The location provides access to feedstock, customers and employees. With Beatrice located in a high corn production region, there is plenty of access to corn oil that the plant needs as its’ primary feedstock. It is affordable, in abundant supply and available regionally, which reduces transportation times and the expenses associated with obtaining feedstock. Additionally, Beatrice is located on a BNSF rail line south of Lincoln, Nebraska and Interstate 80 but also north of Interstate 70 in Kansas.    


The plant can produce 50 million “ASTM" biodiesel gallons a year. Since the ENSEL technology does everything in one step, the process is faster and more efficient than other processes being used in the marketplace. This will further aid with production and expansion as the demand grows.


The ENSEL technology has excellent distillation to remove impurities. This reduces the amount of unconverted material in the biodiesel. Additionally, corn oil does very well in cold weather, making it a good substitute for biodiesel created with soybean oil. Both factors may aid in the continued adoption of this feedstock as being a primary source in biodiesel creation.

As production started rolling out, the initial plant manager, Russell Leighton, said that “The quality, we're being told by customers, is the best they’ve seen.”


Duonix Beatrice Bio-diesel plant

One of the partners in the plant is a Koch Industries company and they have already invested $100 million in the project, an investment that appears to be paying off.

Things are going so well at the plant that they began discussing expansion after only a few months in operation. They already employ more than fifty people and have been adding more employees on a regular basis as the production levels at the plant continue to increase. With the demand for biodiesel being high and the quality so exceptional, it stands to reason that the plant will continue to thrive in Beatrice.

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