NGage Works with Beatrice High and Area Manufacturers for Internship Opportunities

NGage Works with Beatrice High and Area Manufacturers for Internship Opportunities Main Photo

16 May 2017

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BHS Student at Precise Fabrication in Beatrice

Did you know that high school students have the opportunity to intern at area businesses and manufacturers?  Administrators and staff at Beatrice High School proactively encourage students to get out and gain experiences through internships whenever possible in area businesses.  Beatrice High School (BHS) along with the other excellent schools throughout Gage County want to highlight the many jobs available to students within our area upon graduation. With thriving manufacturing companies located here, students have employment opportunities after graduation but often don’t understand what training or educational requirements they need to meet, how those jobs operate, or the opportunities they have for upward mobility by working in Gage County. By working with Principal Sutter at BHS, other area high schools and local companies, we aim to change that.

What’s Happening at Beatrice High School

For more than fifteen years, students have been able to participate in the Work Based Learning Program. Instead of taking certain electives, they can get a job and earn credit for their work experience. While this is already a successful program, we are working to expand the access students have to the manufacturing sector. In a recent interview, Principal Sutter said, “This is one way we can help our local manufacturing companies by encouraging kids to come home after college. We look forward to getting students involved in a profession now that they want to go to school for and would have upward mobility in.”

Beatrice High School has already begun to expose students to career opportunities within Gage County. Thirty-six students participated in manufacturing visits where they were able to tour and speak with company leadership at Exmark, Precise Fabrication, Nebraska Machines, and several other local manufacturers. These conversations exposed students to the manufacturing sector and has peaked their interest for career exploration.

Additionally, all Juniors are now required to complete a semester long career class where they learn about business and finance. One of the curriculum requirements is to complete a job shadow. This gives students the ability to gain exposure to a wide variety of industries, while businesses can scout for new talent and discuss future job openings with students. This is particularly helpful for businesses that want to recruit in Gage County but have specific education or training requirements. By communicating those requirements to students prior to them entering college, a clear understanding can be reached about what is necessary to obtain a position after graduation.

Local businesses are encouraged to participate in the internship programs offered through Beatrice High School, so if you are looking to recruit new talent early, contact Principal Sutter or Brenda Gronewold, BHS Work-Based Learning Coordinator at Beatrice High School. You can reach them by calling 402-223-1515.  In addition, employers and students at the junior level or above in high school and college students can participate in the InternNE program.