NE Works Connects Employers and Job Seekers

29 Mar 2017

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communication center workerWorkforce development is important. It goes hand in hand with NGage’s work in economic development.  NGage helps facilitate connections to workforce training resources and with educators, students, and local business and industry as they look to the future and the workforce they’ll need. For those currently in the employment market, NE Works is a good tool and its link can be found on the NGage website.  

Designed for business owners and job seekers, NE Works was launched by the Nebraska Department of Labor. The site and free app is convenient and easy to use, making it possible to connect those looking to hire with the talent ready to work.

Now Hiring signTools Offered by NE Works

We encourage you to visit to discover these resources for yourself:

  • Job Seekers. Get help writing your resume and connecting with educational and training opportunities before searching for a job.
  • Employers. Review labor market information, labor relations tools, post a job and search for candidates. Everything being in one convenient location, makes it easy to identify and hire the right additions to your team.
  • Data seekers. If you need employment data, statistics and tools, you can find them at NE Works.

These tools are available to you 24/7. Visit the website and create an account to find a job or to post one.

Labor Market Information

As a business owner or manager, you may be considering a business expansion or know that you need to grow the team to meet your current demand. Before you create a job posting, consider conducting market research using NE Works. You can access employment and industry specific data to review growth and employment trends, view educational and training data, and historic wage data. These tools make it possible to determine the likelihood of finding a local candidate that is prepared or needing to hire people willing to advance their skills through an internal or external training program. Additionally, by analyzing historic wage trends, you can determine what a position is worth prior to making an initial offer of employment.

These tools and resources can help you to become an expert in the local wage economy and ensure that your workforce recruitment and development efforts are successful.

Help from NGage

If you need assistance finding the right talent – let us know and we will connect you with additional resources. NGage can also assist with funding for workforce development programs designed to train additional or new employees. Creating or leveraging an existing training program can make it possible to promote from within or hire people who are available and willing to expand their skill set.