Must Be Present To Win

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17 Mar 2017

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NGage is here to support and assist business growth and development.  Along with regional economic development partners, NGage attends trade shows that relate to our existing businesses and targeted industries.  We must be present to win.  Trade shows, site consultant events, trade missions, and conferences are an opportunity tell our story and learn about projects.  Ultimately, our mission is to help grow the economy of Gage County, Nebraska and trade shows provide a way for us to identify and meet companies that may be a good fit with the industrial base we have in our area. 

Our work is not in creating competitors for local businesses but in identifying ways to complement what is already happening in the county. Learning about potential projects before they occur helps NGage be proactive.  And, it helps our local companies adapt and our local economy grow.  “Our goal is to keep everyone here happy, growing, and successful” said Walker Zulkoski, Executive Director, NGage. 

Gov Ricketts and Walker Zulkoski with Nebraska Delegation at JiangSu World Group - owners of Worldlawn Power EquipmentTrade Missions in Action

Last November, NGage Executive Director and Governor Ricketts traveled to the world headquarters of JiangSu World Group, the owner of Worldlawn Power Equipment. Worldlawn purchased the Husqvarna building in North Beatrice and has invested in our local community through real estate and job creation. We are proud to have them as a thriving business in our county and wanted to extend our appreciation for their continued investment.  By traveling to China, we established a relationship with company leaders, offering our assistance as a resource in the United States.

Trade missions like these are important because they accomplish two things. First, they personalize a business deal, making it a relationship instead of a transaction. Second, it establishes NGage and Nebraska leaders as a friendly resource, should JiangSu World Group and Worldlawn decide to further expand in the United States. Now, they can pick up the phone or send an email, knowing who they are dealing with on the other side.

Walker Z at the Nebraska Booth, Plastec's Trade Show 2017Tradeshows 

Another example is NGage’s recent participation at the Plastec West trade show in Anaheim, California. With a new carbon black manufacturer locating near Hallam in southern Lancaster County, it was an opportunity to meet companies in the plastics industry that utilize carbon black in its products.  By establishing connections with plastics companies, we could help promote the market for Nebraska carbon black and help Monolith succeed in our area.   

NGage plans to attend more trade shows that mesh with existing companies or target industries for Gage County.   If we aren’t present we may miss a valuable economic development opportunity.  We’re about positively promoting our area and winning! 

NGage Can Help You

If your company needs support by way of identifying complementary businesses or if you would like us to deepen relationships with your headquarters, let us know. We are here to assist you and to help you grow for the betterment of your business and all of Gage County.