Wanting to travel somewhere new? Come to Gage County

23 Jan 2017

From arts and culture to the Homestead National Monument, Gage County has something for everyone. For instance, there is the Oregon Trail Marker. A triangular monument which is located 1 3/4 miles west of the city Lanham marks the location where, in the early 1840's over 300,000 persons crossed the border from Kansas into Nebraska as they journeyed west on the historic Oregon Trail.

Drive Highway 77 South of Beatrice to Highway 112 to Krider Hill, the highest point in Gage County. The highway to Odell was once part of the Otoe Indian Reservation. Cross the railroad tracks and proceed up the hills and take in the view. It is said that this hill is a resting site for an Otoe Chief.

To explore more about sites and places of interest in Gage County, see the VisitBeatrice website at: http://bit.ly/2cFVlBP