Proximity is the first step to good business

16 Jan 2017

Gage county, Nebraska is always looking to better their community and economy. Beatrice is the county seat of Gage County and is located in southeast Nebraska at the intersection of State Highway 4, U.S. Highway 77, and U.S. Highway 136. The city is 40 minutes south of Lincoln, Nebraska, 80 minutes southwest of Omaha, Nebraska, and is also 150 minutes north of Kansas City.

Being close to these three areas can give new and existing business owners some excitement as they plan to start or expand their business to Gage County. Business owners new and old that are interested in manufacturing, trade, transportation, utilities, government, healthcare services, and education will be on the right track to success.

Find out why a business should start or expand to Gage County: visit Gage Area Growth Enterprise at