NGage stays connected with the Southeast Nebraska Resource Network (SERN) to keep communities and economic development thriving in the area.

9 Jan 2017

The Southeast Nebraska Resource Network (SERN) is a group of development resource and service providers, and volunteers interested in the betterment of Southeast Nebraska. SERN members meet quarterly to share information about successes, initiatives, resources, and programs for the region.”

SERN members are connected with Federal, State, and Local resource and service providers to discuss ideas and opportunities for potential projects in Southeast Nebraska. SERN serves fifteen southeast Nebraska counties and participating communities including Gage County.  

The Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD) helps facilitate the SERN group. SENDD itself provides direct assistance in various aspects of community development. In economic development, SENDD operates a small business loan fund and partners with other small business development programs to assist. Read more about SENDD and its many program offerings at

Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGAGE) and SENDD have the same goal in mind and that is to keep businesses and communities strong. Visit the NGAGE website to see what they do for businesses.