Hybrid Turkeys to Build a State-of the-Art Parent Stock Hatchery in Beatrice, NE

6 Jun 2016

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For the past few months, Hybrid Turkeys has undergone an extensive search for a potential site to build a new hatching facility. After a thorough and comprehensive review, Hybrid Turkeys has announced that they will build the hatchery in Beatrice, NE. The site selection team stated they were “impressed with the collaborative and innovative approach that both the city of Beatrice and the state of Nebraska presented to our team.”  

The new facility will be built on a separate site from the company’s existing hatchery, so that current production will not be affected. “Location, services, biosecurity, and opportunities to serve our customers were all carefully considered in the search process,” said Peter Gruhl, General Manager, USA. “This investment in a new turkey hatchery is representative of our commitment to fulfilling the needs of our clients and continuing to support the US turkey industry.” 

Walker Zulkoski, Executive Director of NGage, said “Hybrid Turkeys will be a wonderful addition to the business community and the Gage County Industrial Park. “They are a trusted company that will grow and prosper here along side our other Gage County businesses.  It was a team effort that went into recruiting this company and proved to Hybrid Turkeys that Beatrice was the right location for them now and for many years to come”. 

The hatchery will be located in the northwest corner of the Gage County Industrial Park.  It is expected to be operational by July 2017. 

From breeding through commercial distribution, Hybrid Turkeys offers leading genetics and technical service to the global turkey industry. The entire Hybrid Turkeys team—researchers, technicians, distributors, operations, and global development—is focused on developing productive and rewarding relationships revolving around the needs of their customer.?More information is available at www.hybridturkeys.com  

Hybrid Turkeys is part of Hendrix Genetics, a leading multi-species breeding company with primary activities in turkeys, layers, pigs, aquaculture, and traditional poultry. Headquartered in Boxmeer, in The Netherlands, Hendrix Genetics provides expertise and resources to producers in more than 100 countries, with operations and joint ventures in 24 countries and more than 2,400 employees worldwide. More information is available at www.hendrix-genetics.com