Looking to grow and expand your business? Think Gage County Nebraska

12 Dec 2016

Nebraska was named the third best state for business by Forbes Magazine in 2015 and has the 5th best economy in the U.S. according to Business Insider. Nebraska has an average weekly wage growth of 6 % from 2014 to 2015. To read more about Nebraska and its business potential go to http://bit.ly/2c7aM1m

The Gage County Industrial park contributes to Nebraska’s business success. Located at the northwest edge of the city Beatrice, the industrial park houses 18 companies. These companies manufacture, fabricate, fuel and deliver products and expertise to customers from all parts of the state and country. Look at starting or expanding your business into the Gage County Industrial Park.Contact NGage for more info at http://bit.ly/2cd9wNG