Exmark Receives Nebraska Business of the Year Award

Exmark Receives Nebraska Business of the Year Award Main Photo

28 Sep 2016

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NGage is honored to announce that Exmark Manufacturing in Beatrice, NE received the Business of the Year Award from the Nebraska Diplomats at an award banquet in Lincoln on September 9, 2016.  NGage nominated Exmark for the award.  It's deserving recognition for a company that is one of the largest employers in Beatrice and a company that contributes to the community in many ways.  

Glennis McClure, NGage Development Coordinator included in the nomination -

It’s simply amazing to see and learn about Exmark’s operations in Beatrice.   Product development, testing, and continuous improvement of products and plant is prevalent.  Many of their new product development has been centered on equipment that operates efficiently, running on less power and fuel intake, therefore, more environmentally friendly.   Exmark continues to grow and develop in Nebraska.  Recent investments in plant and equipment have been significant and current plans include adding more jobs in the coming years.    

Exmark employees are encouraged to be active in community projects and education programs.  You’ll see in the nomination information a long list of recent community activities and donations.  In Beatrice when you think of company corporate citizenship, Exmark shines!  You’ll see that 2014 was a significant year in the number of projects and funds they awarded as part of Toro’s 100 year anniversary.  Just recently, Exmark received the Business Award from the Nebraska Community Forestry Council for their ongoing tree planting program. 

Exmark Award - Gov. Ricketts, Gary Busboom, Courtney DentlingerExmark General Manager Receives Exmark Award from Gov. Ricketts