Jobs & Benefits of Living Where you Work

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26 Apr 2017

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The Beatrice and Gage County economy is thriving and with it comes a growing job market. There are numerous job opportunities for residents who are looking for work or currently commuting outside of the area. These include high-wage and high-demand positions such as: healthcare social workers, truck drivers, registered nurses, medical transcriptionists, welders, computer specialists, maintenance workers, and more.

Currently, about one half of Gage County citizens that are in the labor force work in the County. They enjoy the many benefits of living in a quiet, safe and affordable community while commuting out of the area for work. Gage County has a higher than average in-commuter rate, when compared with other non-metropolitan areas. These in-commuters travel from five to seven other counties to work in our area, clearly demonstrating that work opportunities are plentiful and wages high enough to warrant commuting on a daily basis.

Residents of Gage County who are currently commuting to a different county, could benefit from living and working in the same place and the flexibility it provides. Employers also benefit from hiring workers who live nearby and in the County because there are fewer risks associated with traffic or weather conditions causing delays or an employee to miss work.

Benefits of Living in Gage County

For those not currently living in Gage County, but commuting here for work, there are numerous benefits to relocating to this area, which include –

  • Gage County is less densely populated
  • Available affordable housing
  • Good schools
  • Less crime
  • Community theatre
  • Recreational amenities
  • Overall positive community “smaller town” atmosphere

This is a place where families want to live, neighbors know each other, and life moves at a more relaxed pace. It is possible to enjoy a low cost of living and have more disposable income by living in Gage County instead of a major metropolitan area. For families, entrepreneurs, seniors, and anyone looking to save, this is an important factor. Knowing that jobs are plentiful in Gage County makes the decision to move here, that much easier for many folks.

Living Where You Work Saves Time and Money

When the pay for jobs close to home is similar or better than jobs outside of our area, it is wise to choose a job in Gage County every time. You’ll have more time to do what you love and save money in the process.

Those commuting outside of Gage County for work should consider the increased out of pocket costs, including fuel and car maintenance. This economic loss can easily be calculated by multiplying the number of miles driven per day by the days worked per year. Take this number and multiply by .535 cents, the rate the IRS uses to calculate transportation costs. For a fulltime worker with a job 30 miles away, that equals $7,500 per year – staggering when considering what else could be done with that money in a family’s budget.

And think of the time spent in commuting!  It could mean less time to have dinner with the family, attend Little League practice or run errands and this can take a physical and emotional toll on both commuters and their families. Plus, working far from home can create an enormous level of stress when the weather is bad, someone is home sick, or a family emergency arises.

Find Jobs in Gage County

Remaining in Gage County for work makes it possible for residents to save time on a daily basis and invest that time in more enjoyable things. Additionally, there is a significant economic benefit to working and living in the same community. To locate a job in Beatrice or Gage County, visit NEWorks or call NGage for further assistance.