Got Land or Facilities for Development?

14 Mar 2016

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NGage maintains a data base of land and buildings available for existing and new companies that may consider our area for expansion or relocation.  We'd like to grow the inventory list of property in Gage County that may be considered for economic development purposes.  Often, there isn't much time to respond to an inquiry, so being prepared with property information is vital.  Contact our office if you have land or commercial buildings available that we could make note of.  We don't want to miss out on good development projects that could add to the growth of the County's tax base and jobs.

A good example from the past would be the E-Energy ethanol plant development near Adams.  To find the right location for the plant, there were most likely a number of requirements as locations were considered for this project, including access to rail, nearby natural gas and electric supply, water availability, and enough land available to build on, to name a few.  Other projects might require a flat piece of ground, close proximity to a community, and good road access.   In order to point site selectors and developers in the right direction around the County, an inventory of land that could be considered for sale or exchange must be maintained.    

Most development projects would need to be considered by the County Planning and Zoning Commission and approved by the Gage County Board of Supervisors, especially if special zoning permits are required.  Deal and price negotiations would be handled direct by the land owner with the company or through a broker. 

NGage plays the role of responding to inquiries and connecting the company or broker with information on possible sites or buildings based on the initial project criteria provided.  NGage also works with the company or site selector in providing information they request regarding the area, including potential workforce, community amenities, and local and State incentives.  Most often, inquiries that come to NGage are from an unknown source.  It isn’t always known right away who or what the business development is all about and everything is kept confidential until the deal is done and details are released.    

If you’d like to visit more on this topic, please give Glennis McClure, NGage Executive Director, a call at 402.228.5869.  Perhaps Gage County landowners have a piece of property that could be the right fit for a great project that brings jobs and investment to the area.