NGage elects executive board

2 Mar 2016

NGage Board

The NGage economic development group has reelected its executive board to serve an additional term.

Consisting of President Andrea Schafer, Vice President Patrick Ratigan, Treasurer Darin Baehr and Secretary Karen Stohs, the executive board will maintain its previous positions for another year.

All were elected without opposition or other nominees from the board, and Schafer and Ratigan have held positions since the board was established around five years ago.

“(Ratigan) and I have been on the board since its inception and we’ve held officer positions since inception,” Schafer said. “If there are other bodies on this board that would like to step into a leadership role, I don’t think that either one of us would be offended in any sort of way.”

Board member Robert Morgan also requested at the meeting that the group create a formal committee to field questions from prospective businesses, when they arise.

“I would like to at least suggest the possibility of adding what I would call business industry recruitment,” he said. “It’s probably our primary most important function. I would say that the executive team should be the membership of that committee.”

Schafer said the executive board has already performed this function, and making an official committee would be appropriate.


“I think that’s currently happening already when projects come in and we need to gather some forces and get some information together,” she said. “That’s the group of people that are helping to do that, so I think it makes sense to have a committee and make it a little bit more formal.”

At NGage’s annual meeting last week where board members were selected, Schafer, Ratigan and Steve Hovendick were all selected to remain on the board and continue in their roles as officers. No other nominees were presented.

The NGage board also discussed an ongoing housing study, set to be completed in the coming weeks.

The housing study is being conducted with Hanna:Keelan Associates, a Nebraska-based community planning and research consulting firm, alongside a countywide housing steering committee comprised of local community and county officials and housing stakeholders.

City Administrator Tobias Tempelmeyer said the city will likely need to look at various aspects of housing.

“I think you’re going to need a multifaceted approach,” he said. “Some of it’s going to be what can you fix up for current houses, what can we do to get new houses built and what can we do to get several houses built at one time.”

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