Public forum on housing: New houses needed

2 Mar 2016

housing study

Members of the public shared thoughts about housing needs in Beatrice at a public forum Wednesday evening.

The forum was led by Community Planner Keith Carl of Hanna:Keelan Associates, a community planning and research firm out of Lincoln, which is in the process of conducting a study of Gage County housing needs in tandem with Gage Area Growth Enterprise (NGage).

The top five housing needs in Gage County, according to 328 county residents who completed a recent survey as part of the study, are:

1. Housing for middle-income families

2. Rehabilitation of owner-occupied housing

3. Rehabilitation of renter-occupied housing

4. Housing choices for first-time homebuyers

5. Three-plus bedroom apartments and homes

The survey was advertised in the Daily Sun and other newspapers in the county, in city offices, every bank in the county, at senior centers, on social media and by other means.