A Promising Future

7 Mar 2016

           While much of the information advertised by NGage may feel targeted towards new and expanding businesses, it does not mean the partnership ends there. NGage continues to works with companies, providing one-on-one assistance, and information on incentives.

           Even so, NGage’s desire for a successful future isn’t just with businesses, but with every community across Gage County. With an emphasis on the future, NGage encourages an effective upbringing for the youth throughout a safe, supportive region. With multiple college internship programs, and entrepreneurial programs, Gage County strives to create a future of successful communities.

           But NGage doesn’t just start at the college level. With seven K-12 schools throughout the region, Gage County has an average student-teacher ratio of 14-1. And to guarantee their future? Southeast Community College offers SENCAP (https://www.southeast.edu/sencap/), a program to help juniors and seniors get started on their college education early.

           For more information on any of the above mentioned programs, or how Gage Area Growth Enterprise might assist you, visit their website here: http://ngagegroup.org/ngage