The Beating Heart

4 Jan 2016

    At the center of Gage County is Beatrice - the heart of the County. With over 50% of the County's population, multiple locations for new and expanding businesses, and easy access to Highway 77, Beatrice is the place to live, work, and run a business.

           So, what is there to do? Both locals and tourists would be happy to hear that it has a fair share of parks, two golf courses with one highly rated in Nebraska, hiking and biking trails, theaters, a YMCA, and historical sites and attractions, including Homestead National Monument.   Combined with an excellent educational system and a safe, supportive community, Beatrice is as lively as you’d expect the heart of Gage County to be.

           For more information on Beatrice, Gage County, or how NGage might assist you or your business, visit the Gage Area Growth Enterprise website: