Small business. Big impact.

Small business. Big impact. Main Photo

28 Sep 2015

Pop quiz: Which sector of the American economy generates 64 percent of new jobs and pays 44 percent of the nation’s payroll? The answer: Small businesses. When you consider the significance of these numbers, it can change the way you look at that local hair salon or auto repair shop that employs a handful of people each. Truly, such establishments are the vital life-blood of the regional economy.

That’s why here in Beatrice/Gage County, Nebraska, we’ve made support for local entrepreneurs and small businesses such a high priority. One example is the Southeast Community College Entrepreneurship Center. It’s a one-stop shop for local entrepreneurs to access the information they need to succeed. Learn more about it here:

Check our our trainings/workshops for small businesses coming in October and November. NGage is here to support you as an entrepreneur. Come "Stake your Claim' as a business owner here!