Home-grown businesses: A key to economic strength

14 Sep 2015

How do you build a strong regional economy? Part of the job is creating the kind of economy that’s attractive to businesses seeking to be relocated. But even more important is providing support to entrepreneurs and small businesses that grow up from “local soil.” (Here’s a great national report on why local entrepreneurs are important—and how to support them: http://ow.ly/C4aW5.)


Here in Nebraska, we have a strong tradition of bootstrap self-reliance. Most of us here will take an opportunity and run with it. (Not for nothing as we are  known as the birthplace of the Homestead movement.) That’s why NGage, the economic development group for Beatrice/Gage County, has made support for local entrepreneurs and businesses such a high priority. We are excited about the upcoming small business workshop on Customer Discover based on "All in Startup" by Diana Kander. We invite you to "Stake your Claim" here! Check out what we do here: http://ow.ly/BvQcf.