Rare Earth Salts is continuing its technology research in Beatrice!

6 Nov 2015

Rare Earth Salts, Beatrice

A Beatrice startup with aspirations to make Beatrice the site of a large-scale plant to extract rare earth elements from mining waste is continuing to raise funds for the project and hopes to build the plant in 2016.

Rare Earth Salts announced plans for a pilot program last November. Since then, the company has opened a laboratory in the Beatrice Business Campus and has slowly increased the scale of its process.

CEO and Chief Technology Officer Joseph Brewer said just in the last year, technological advances have allowed the company to significantly improve its process.

“We’re beginning our scaled process, testing on our first large-scale cell using our proprietary technology,” Brewer explained. “The scaling exercises so far have proved very positive. We’re hoping within weeks we’ll have the first data coming off our technology as we’ve scaled it.”

While the process has improved, Rare Earth Salts’ objective hasn’t changed much. Read more here at Beatrice Daily Sun

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